Are you looking for some mind-blowing fun with 2 ladies? I have some super sexy girlfriends that love to play! Read a little about them and let me know who you'd like to join in on our naughty fun.
Straight from the beach to the sheets, she's a sunny delight sure to melt your heart and steam up the bedroom. We've been naughty friends forever and have made some of the craziest, sexiest memories together.
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Ella Day
She's a long lean Europian dream, with a sexy accent and an even sexier ass. The night is full of surprises when we're together, please account for recovery time, lol.
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Blonde hair, blue eyes, all American dream girl. Sweet and southern and sure to have you addicted. We've travelled the country getting into trouble together and for a bit I'll share this sweet treat with you.
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